Sales & Marketing still at War!

The report from the front is in…and it isn’t pretty. The results from our survey show that CEO’s have a long, long way to go if they are ever going to get their sales and marketing teams on the same page. Here’s what you had to say…

Sales vs. Marketing
Strong opinions from both sides of the aisle

We started the survey with the image of Bill and Jack and asked you to tell us what descriptions best suited Bill and Jack. The majority, 63%, answered that Bill was the Sales guy and Jack was in Marketing.

CEO’s didn’t fare well on our question about their prowess at managing the conflicts that arise between Sales and Marketing. Only 7% indicated that your CEO consistently handled these conflicts well. In fact, 41% rated your CEO’s performance as extremely poor.

Another strong indicator of Sales and Marketing tensions lies in the fact that not a single respondent answered that those relations were fantastic. 44.4% said the relationship was good while 14.8% said shaky/tenuous and 22.2% went so far as to describe that relationship as disastrous. The other 18.5% answered “other” and included comments such as “non-existent” and “on separate islands.” Yikes!

On the issue of product/service knowledge, Sales came out the clear winner. 51.9% answered that members of your Sales department knew your products/services best. 33.3% said that Sales and Marketing were equally savvy but only 7.4% chose Marketing as the more knowledgeable. And 7.4% answered that neither had a clue!

Responses were somewhat mixed on the matter of resources. 51.9% believe that Sales benefits the most from corporate resources, while only 22.2% felt it was Marketing who reaped the biggest benefits. 25.9% answered that resources were evenly distributed in their organizations.

Finally, we asked you to tell us what you consider to be the #1 problem with members of your Sales or Marketing departments. Your comments were, as always, interesting and often amusing. Here are a few of your thoughts (at least the one’s I’m comfortable to publish):

  • “Marketing doesn’t have a clue what we face in the field. Their support is totally inadequate.”
  • “Sales has no understanding of marketing or the marketing mix.”
  • “Marketing is arrogant and out of touch.”
  • “I work on both sides and can say that Marketing is understaffed and Sales is not sympathetic. They need everything yesterday.”
  • “What Marketing department?”

*Survey database was our 27,000+ B2B subscriber base

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