Help, Google’s ignoring me… Infographic and Marketing analysis

How often do we complain about our favorite sports team not executing the fundamentals of the game? I should know, I’m a Cubs fan. (40 wins, 57 losses, 17.5 games behind the Reds)

In baseball, the fundamentals haven’t changed in a hundred years: hitting, throwing, fielding, and running. I knew them when I was six years old.

Same applies to website content. The fundamentals aren’t a dark secret. We all “know” them.

The downside risk: A prospective customer types “your keywords” into Google, but none of the search results are yours. They’re your competitor’s.

Meanwhile, you’re stuck out on Page 6… you’re invisible.

But the fact is, 90% of web pages we analyzed fail to have basic elements correct. You’d almost think people were intentionally trying to prevent Google from sending them traffic.

1 Million Fundamental Fails

We wanted to know how many web pages had acceptable title tags, H1 elements and proper meta-description tags.

Pretty basic stuff, correct?

After analyzing the home pages of 1 million websites (see Infographic) we found that just 10% properly executed this most fundamental requirement.

I’ve seen the enemy…and it’s us

If you’re ever wondering why so few people visit your web site it could be your fault.

Even with the world’s greatest content, beautiful graphics and killer headlines, if you’ve done a poor job with basic on-page SEO elements or Google can’t find your web page (the purpose of a Sitemap.xml file) you’re not going to show up when a customer searches on “your keywords.”

Are you guilty?

We’ve set up a free site for you to run an instant self-assessment of any web page at

See how you do and report back.

Good Selling!