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I just finished comparing PRNewswire’s US1 National Newslines with PRNewswire’s Tier-1 offered exclusively through

The master list is on PRNewswire’s site here or you can download the list (careful, it’s a 169 page pdf!).

Guess what? They’re identical services!

eReleases must have some kind of cool, bulk distribution deal with PRNewswire. That’s good for them and good for you and me.

What about cost? Here’s my price comparison:

According to PRNewswire 2015 pricing, the cost for a 500 word press release on US1 is:

$795 (first 400 wds) + $205 (second 100 wds) = $1,000*
(*plus annual membership: $195)

Submitting your release to PRNewswire through is:


Click to go to for the $100 promocode
Then apply:

$50 discount Promocode, the cost is: $349 (65% savings)


$100 discount Promocode, the cost is: $299 (70% savings)


When I save that kind of dough, I like weird. Don’t you?

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  • Chris

    This is an interesting analysis of the marketing tactics that seem to go into some of these PR companies. As a business model, this seems to be extremely smart; as many buyers will wind up going with the more expensive package simply because they are not browsing and looking for better deals. We see this in the “real world” frequently at car dealerships, where someone will buy a car at a high price that they could have likely looked around for and found for a lower price somewhere else, or haggled for no less.

    Having these discounts are “weird” as you point out, but definitely the good kind of weird. No need spending a grand on something you can get for much less.

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  • Neil Brown

    Not sure about the weird reference, but PRweb costs $200-$300 each with a quantity purchase, and Business WIre costs $500/each but is required for public companies.

  • John Fox

    Neil, not sure I understand your point about PRWeb. I was reviewing PRNewswire.

  • Neil Brown

    Point taken.
    PRweb is a similar wire distribution service, as is Business Wire.

  • John Fox

    PRNewswire is what I recommend to my clients and use for my own business. I haven’t split-tested one versus the other, so your mileage may vary.

  • John Fox

    I just updated the information on this page. PR Newswire has increased their pricing (again). A 500 word press release is now $1,000 plus membership.