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Using PR to achieve Q4 revenue goals?

Synopsis: Making Q4 revenue targets w/ PR
Resource: (1)Press Release checklist
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56 business days to Q4

Translation: The final push to hit quota.

Having done this for 25+ years, hitting my YE/Q4 numbers comes down to ONE (1) thing:

How well I get the word out to people I DON’T KNOW

Why? Because winning ONE new customer can deliver the incremental revenue to put me over the top. I already know what’s in my current pipeline… What I need are *new* opportunities.

But if new deals aren’t in the hopper by September 30, it’s unlikely they’ll close in Q4.

PR is not the only weapon (it’s the first one)

There are a lot of ways to get the word out:

  • Social media
  • email
  • Articles
  • Direct mail
  • Word of mouth
  • Press releases (PR)

I like PR because it gets my story out to a whole new audience: People I don’t know.

Then, I repurpose my Press Release as content for my emails, blog posts, direct mail and social media — for the people I do know. Great for passalong/referrals, too.

Just the process of boiling my message down to ~600 words is valuable.

Plus, it lets me say THANKS to a client when I feature them in the release. (recent example:


One of my most popular downloads is my 16-step procedure/checklist for Press Releases.

Why? Probably because SEO and Press Releases go hand-in-hand.

Download includes:

  • What you must do BEFORE writing
  • How to write an effective release
  • What you must do AFTER writing
  • 10 great example press releases
  • PR teleseminar (mp3) from my marketing workshop


  • $100 promocode (25% off) PRNewswire’s national, Tier-1 wire service (valid for the next 12-months)


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