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Free SEO Scorecard — An Easy SEO Checklist for “the rest of us”

I work with subject-matter experts. Really bright, smart people who are on their game. All the time.

When they get the opportunity to meet with qualified prospects they win the business more than 65% of the time (often without a proposal!)

Problem is…getting those meetings.

“Getting past the gatekeeper” used to be the problem.

Now, when customers look for a new vendor, 78% of the time they start with Google.

So when a prospective customer searches on “YOUR keyphrase,” are you on Google’s 1st page? (or on pg 83?)

Example Free SEO Scorecard

Getting ranked on Google is important to anyone running a business today. That includes you and me.

Somehow we have to figure out how to extract all that awesome, relevant content from between our ears (aka “Content”) and get it onto our websites (so Google can come out and index it).

My 99-Questions Book Publishing webinar was about creating the right “Content.” We ALL have to start with content.

The shame of it all is when you DO finally get the content onto your site and then tragically fail to follow a few simple [Google-recommended] SEO guidelines.

For me, I really didn’t pay any attention to SEO until I realized Google was sending “my prospects” some place… just not to my website!

My mistakes/errors blocked Google from sending me the traffic I deserved.

The missing SEO scorecard/checklist

I’m an engineer. I like knowing 1+1 will always = 2. I’m a fan of predictable results and the 80/20 rule.

As I learned, SEO has its own 80/20 rule. Following some basic guidelines gets you the majority of the results.

And that’s what led me to develop my own SEO scorecard/checklist. A free tool my customers & friends could use without knowing any SEO/HTML jargon.

Seeing is believing

Here’s an SEO Scorecard I generated for a manufacturing company’s home page (

You don’t have to be an SEO expert

As you can see, the free tool shows you what to fix. And if someone else maintains your website, just forward the Scorecard link and tell them to fix what’s broken.

Hope it helps you spot web page errors that prevent Google from sending you all the traffic you deserve.

Give it a whirl! And please tell your friends.

“It’s like taking your own blood pressure. You don’t have to be a doctor to put on the cuff, pump up that little bulb-like thing and see if you’ve got high blood pressure. (that’s your scorecard).

If you have a problem, you can go to a physician (in your case, an SEO expert) or start with what you can do on your own, like exercise and diet (SEO = DIY resources, training, etc.).”