About me — helping you get Un-Stuck

Normally, this is the place where blog authors pontificate about how great they are and tell you tales of bravery and victory…almost as if they—single-handedly—slew the fire-breathing dragon, saved the village, won the fair maiden and became a legend in their own mind.

I’ll spare you that story.

Widgets, Inc.

Instead, let me tell you about my typical customer, Widgets, Inc. Widgets is a small, growing company with great ideas, terrific products, remarkable sales/customer support and…little to no marketing.

In a world before Google (remember?), “marketing” meant word-of-mouth and shoe leather. But not today. While word-of-mouth marketing and face-to-face selling are still vital to Widgets’ success, neither method delivers the number of qualified leads they once did. It’s harder than ever for a Widgets sales reps to tee-up meetings with prospects. Tradeshow traffic is down and the leads they now get are lower quality.

Widgets’ market has evolved over the years, too. A few, old stalwart competitors are gone, while a couple web-savvy start-ups seem to be gaining traction as customers prefer to look online for new suppliers and services.

One-and-Done Marketing

My friends at Widgets aren’t stupid, however. They get the problem. But over the last several years, the shift to new media has confused and overwhelmed them as evidenced by their one-and-done attempts at Twittering, blogging, Linking In, e-mailing and fixing their website.

Widgets has the will, but lacks the clarity or experience to know exactly what to do and who to listen to. Googling for a solution hasn’t helped either (Google lists thousands of marketing options [and rabbit holes] and tens of thousands of voices spraying snippets of advice about all-things B2B marketing).

Getting Un-Stuck

For my customers, like Widgets, typically my role is just to work with them for a couple days to sort it all out and to get them on the right track—literally—getting them Un-Stuck.

Together, we create an affordable One-Page Marketing Game Plan. A Marketing Game Plan is a sensible, manageable short-list of field-tested marketing strategies and resources—selected specifically for the needs of the sales team and today’s Google-centric selling environment.  We connect each marketing activity to an expected sales outcome, assign priorities and determine a budget.

Don’t lease it—Own your own marketing

I believe that most businesses should be capable of executing their Marketing Game Plan with their internal marketing staff. However, if a specific marketing assignment can’t be accomplished with internal resources, my clients take advantage of my large Rolodex of vetted vendors.

Sure, some of my customers demand more than a few days of intensive work to bring focus to the right things, but ongoing, long-term engagements are mostly unnecessary assuming adequate marketing resources are available within the company.

The net-net/bottom-line of what I do is simply to help small businesses build their own self-sustaining, affordable marketing engine that produces more qualified opportunities for their sales team.

That’s the deal for my customers.

For You (the blog-reader)

So what do you, my blog reader get (for free)?

You get to take advantage of my gray matter and advice, which I regularly provide to you only in hope of sparing you countless hours and money trying to sort it all out on your own as I have had to over the last couple decades. My blog is about marketing strategies and resources that I’ve tried and used myself, as well as my commentary about what’s working and what’s not.

That’s my offer. Enjoy!