63 Blogging Pointers + Scorecard

Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers
I got a Google Alert this morning about a new resource for better blogging.

Always looking to improve my blogging skill, and given Darren Rowse’s credentials in the blogging ecosphere (aided by the $9.95 price!), I snapped it up.

So, here is my review of The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers by Darren Rowse and Glenn Murray.

In this easy-to-consume, 59-page eBook there are 63 pointers—each with an example of applying the pointer to your blog post. Cool!

Four Sections

Darren divided the pointers into for sections:just 3  of the 63 pointers

  1. Writing recommendations (for example, a pointer on headlines).
  2. Scannability recommendations (using lists instead of long sentences… as you can see I used that pointer here).
  3. SEO copy recommendations (the real meat & potatoes of the eBook, if you ask me).
  4. Grammar pitfalls (to keep you from looking stupid… like using your instead of you’re).

blogger scorecard

SEO Scorecard (bonus)

And then at the end of the eBook (just before the Index, which on it’s own spans 5 pages), you’ll find the Scorecard. This scorecard is 3 pages long. Within each of the 63 “metrics” there’s a reference link back to the pointer.

At the bottom of the Scorecard, you add up all the

The best part, which I advise in my own SEO eBook, Google Optimized, is to print out the Scorecard and hand it to anyone who might be helping you with your blog (guest authors, webmaster, spouse) and have them fill it out, too.

That way, you’re setting standards for your blog while simultaneously benefiting by the mutual accountability.

If you do buy the book, I would love to hear what you think of it.

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