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  • Have you ever wanted to spend time with an entrepreneur who has successfully brought their products and services to market?

    That’s what the Entrepreneur Expert Series is all about.

    Learn from entrepreneurs and small business owners who have invested their own sweat, time, financial resources and relational capital in order to breathe life into their companies.

    Listen to these women and men explain how they were able to connect their passion for solving real world customer problems with their work.

    Each month we’ll make one or two interviews available for download to all member levels (including our Complimentary/FREE membership level). Archives and transcripts are available only to GOLD and SILVER-level members.

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    Entrepreneur Experts Explain: “How”

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    Raising Early and 1st Stage Capital with the Fifty-250 Model

    Bruce Fryer

    Serial entrepreneur, Bruce Fryer, unveils his deal-tested method for raising early-stage investment capital.

    Bruce’s Fifty-250 model removes all the hocus-pocus from the process for both the investor and the entrepreneur by putting the deal onto a 1-page format.

    “The beauty of Fifty-250 is that it clearly spells out how the 1st and 2nd round will be structured by way of ownership percentages pre- and post-money,” according to Bruce.

    Get Bruce’s unvarnished insight on raising startup funding in this economy.

    Download: mp3 | transcript
    Categories: investment capital, start-ups

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    Need a mailing list? You need the “Google” of the mailing list biz

    Joe Pych

    Ever wonder if there’s a list you can use to reach new prospects? A list you can mail to (postal or e-mail)? Or better yet, had telephone numbers? Wow…you’d be a hero!

    So you call a friend of a friend who’s a list broker. Two hours later you’re frustrated because it’s taken so long to communicate who you’re looking for to the list broker. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just use the same industrial-grade search engine the list broker uses, and save time trying to explain it to someone else?

    Enter Joe Pych and NextMark—the search engine he built. NextMark is the search engine used by all list brokers. It’s the “Google” of mailing lists.

    Listen to my interview with Joe, and then give it a whirl.

    (note: while the teleseminar content is good, the mp3 quality is only average. My apologies)

    Download: mp3
    Categories: investment capital, start-ups


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