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  • Strategy:

    Slide Chart

    Slide Charts Value to B2B Sales & Marketing—
    Simplify Customer’s Technical Product Selection

    Best Used For…

    Providing data to your customers, especially competitive product information, so they can fairly compare your product offering with the other guys. This way, you’re giving customers everything they need in order to form their own conclusions.


    Slide charts (often called “calculators”) make your product or service easier to understand and remember, especially if your data is complex.


    Marketing Team:

    Select a slide chart company to work with. Here’s how we get the best results from our supplier:

    • Gather your information, diagrams and complex formulas along with descriptive copy, any existing artwork, logos, and fonts and send them to the slide chart vendor. Your information package will give them an idea for the complexity of what you need to communicate. You’ll need to explain your goals in a follow-up phone call.
    • The vendor will then build (by hand) a full-color prototype for your review and consideration and provide a production quote. Our vendor will do all of this for you FREE-OF-CHARGE.
    • Determine best methods of distributing your slide chart. If you anticipate sending it to prospects in the mail, have your vendor add a perforated flap for the address and postage, which can be removed from the slide chart by the prospect.
    • Search for ways to get your slide charts in the hands of training centers and colleges that may want their students to use your reference guides in their classrooms. One of our most successful projects was used as a handout in a professional training class—the training center paid my client for the slide charts!
    Coaching Points
    • Think beyond promotional handouts. Slidecharts, are a great replacement for technical manuals. When customers use your products properly, you win.
    • The most economical style is folded paperboard. It’s the right choice for light-weight uses, such as direct mail and higher quantity orders.
    • You can add a flap for additional copy and artwork and achieve a higher perceived value.
    • If the slidechart will get heavy use, consider plastic construction.
    • As I mentioned, analysis and prototype are free from our vendor.
    • Our supplier charges a one-time, fixed set-up and prep cost of roughly $1,400 for the artwork, printing plates, cutting dies, etc. After that, the unit price ranges from $0.30 to $3.00 depending on the complexity and quantity.
    My Advice, Resources & Vendor Rolodex®

    Datalizer Slide Charts
    501 Westgate St
    Addison, IL 60101
    (630) 543-6000

    Headed by John Robertson, Datalizer can turn practically any chart or table into a compelling, easy-to-communicate slide chart.

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