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  • Un-Predictable Revenue? Blame Google...

    Discover how anyone can create marketing that gives sales reps real customer-traction using this snappy guide to predictable revenue.

    Today, Buyers Are
    In Charge!

    Because of Google, Buyers have the upper hand throughout the sales process.

    Tap Into The Conversation in Your Buyer’s Head

    When Buyers search for your products, will they find you?

    Creating Predictable Revenue System

    A repeatable marketing system that increases customer conversations.

    What’s it about?

    It really doesn’t matter what corporate buyers are looking for—office telecommunications systems, industrial cleaning supplies, ball bearings, industrial thumbtacks, promotional products, business services, offset printing, Internet web hosting, space-age plastics, fluorescent lighting ballasts, tradeshow displays, business intelligence software or flux capacitors—Google has put themselves between you and your customers.

    Clearly, it is no longer possible for a company to reach any level of success without a marketing strategy that stimulates customer conversation and builds buyer trust and confidence from the first click. Without such a plan, your company remains invisible to potential buyers—cheating your sales reps out of revenue opportunities that are rightfully theirs.

    But where do you start? How do you formulate a marketing plan that actually helps the sales force see more prospective customers, sell more customers and keep more existing customers coming back for more?

    Answering these questions is the purpose of this eBook and all our work at Venture Marketing.

    For Serious Marketers…
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    3. Read more about my company. Since 1996, Venture Marketing’s management consulting has served CEO’s of growing businesses and organizations who want to drive revenue through leveraged marketing strategies and tactics mapped to identified sales process hurdles. For more about Venture Marketing, and the VM team, please go to www.venturemarketing.com/about-us/.

    Good Selling!



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