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    Learn More About Marketing-Playbook.com
    And Our Training for Small B2B Businesses

    If it’s your job to generate more (and better) leads for your Sales Reps, help them close business with the most profitable clients and keep customers coming back for more, you need access to our field-tested Marketing Strategies and training program.

    None of the content in the Marketing-Playbook is written by some academic who’s only seen it done. Or by a group of researchers who take a bunch of surveys to learn about other people’s experiences and then charge you to read about them. Or worse, a Consumer (B2C) marketeer who’s read about B2B Marketing & Sales and thinks B2B is “similiar.”

    Nope. The content and advice is the real deal. Strictly B2B. 100% real-world.

    Become a Member and learn how YOU CAN put our Marketing Strategies to work for yourself and your company today. There is absolutely no reason to learn B2B marketing on your own or to suffer the career-risk from trying new vendors or untested marketing strategies. With Marketing-Playbook membership, you are not ALONE.

    Take the first step by downloading our FREE Report: Unpredicable Revenue? Blame Google. Now!

    More About Marketing-Playbook and the Venture Marketing Team

    John Fox is known as the “Bob Vila of B2B Marketing” because of his hands-on approach to small business B2B marketing and his passion for B2B training that drives top-line revenue. He has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and C-level new business developer for technology-enabled businesses. John has led the launch or re-launch of 44 companies, resulting in double and triple-digit revenue growth for every client served... more here.

    Since 1996, Venture Marketing’s management consulting has served CEO’s of growing businesses and organizations who want to drive revenue through leveraged marketing strategies and tactics mapped to identified sales process hurdles.

    For more about Venture Marketing, and the VM team, please go to the VM Web site.

    To get on our mailing list for updates, news, additional Marketing Strategies and Vendors, use the contact form below or just pick up the telephone and give us a ring to start the dialog.

    We love hearing from our clients and readers of The Marketing Playbook. If you have an idea you’d like to share or want to tell us about a new service or product you’ve found to be an effective marketing tool, please, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it!

    Help spread the word and tell the message of the Marketing-Playbook. If you are a member of the press, a Vendor-Partner or a B2B Marketer who wants to help us promote the resources and do-it-yourself training found in the Marketing Playbook, help us by writing your own review of the Marketing-Playbook, linking to the web site and utilizing some of the graphics we’ve made available.

    Check out our FAQ for answers to the most often asked questions. And if you don’t see your questioned answered, let us know by dropping us a note in the contact form, below.

    Here’s the link to the FAQ.

    Here is where you will find all the Legal Stuff about our web site, copyrights, trademarks (yes, we do actually own the United States Trademark on “Marketing Playbook”), user agreement and our all important Privacy Pledge.

    To check it out, get your reading glasses ready and go to the Legal Claims and Terms of Use page.

    Here’s where you’ll find the companion blog to the Marketing-Playbook.

    Check it out here: B2B Marketing Sales-Strategy blog.

    Here is where you can find out what I read to stay inspired in the B2B world.

    Get your brain food at the Marketing-Playbook Recommended Reading page.

    Ever wondered about the meaning of JPG or STP? Or how about Barney-Speak? These are the kind of terms and phrases you’ll read about.

    And if you’re not a B2B Marketer, grab a term from the Glossary and use it at your next cocktail party to impress a new friend. Here’s the link to the Glossary.

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